Year End – A Time for Self Assessment

Year End – A Time for Self Assessment

Now that we are fast approaching the new year, how are you handling this ripe time for personal and professional assessment?

Numerous studies have shown only three percent of the population set goals and only about one percent actually write them down. Far too many people just pass it by, accepting whatever ‘fate’ has in store for them in their lives. They have never learned that their intentions and determinations can carry powerful synergy in creating the quality and even specifics of their future satisfaction and success.

Now, this is not ‘a bunch of witches woo-woo.’ It is a well-established psychological power that each of us carries which allows us to organize and motivate how we proceed as we go forward in our lives. So, if you want to create a robust year-end self assessment, please grab a pen and paper or open a new electronic file and begin responding to each of the questions below:

1. What are Your Gifts, Skills, and Passions?

Start by documenting—listing and then expanding with description—your innate and developed Talents and Skills. Follow that by listing your top three professional Interests or Passions. (You may want to use this tool to identify your talents >> Click here – or get clarity by testing your skills >> Click here.)

This lays down the fundamentals that are unique to you, establishing a baseline of what you have to work with before you begin your year-end self-assessment.

2. What are Your Highest 6 Achievements in 2013?

Next, document the Top 6 ‘wins’ you achieved this year. For each one, describe the actual Gifts, Skills, and Interests (from the first step above) you used to accomplish each of your successes. Then describe how it made you feel at the time to arriving at that level of achievement. And finally, how does it make you feel to review each win right now?

This sets down the key areas of positive emotional turf for you in 2013, as well as areas where you succeeded but you didn’t really care about it. This discrimination is unique to your experience of success and begins to set guidelines for what you are after in 2014 and beyond.

3. What are Your Intentions and Determinations Going Forward?

Before you start this section of your year-end self-assessment, take a moment to explore — through an imagination experience — the difference between Intention and Determination vs. Going Along As Usual.

Begin by choosing a goal you seriously want to achieve, one that is truly possible. (Again, you may want to use this tool to identify your life goals >> Click here; or if you want to go even further with your professional goals >> Click here.)

Now, imagine you are committing to make it happen. Set your strong determination and heartfelt intention to make sure it happens — whatever it takes. While you feel your way through this exercise, trust that success in this arena can be yours. Trust that you have what it takes to get there. And trust that your desire will be certain and serve as your guiding light.

It is also a brain thing. Achieving a goal you have set produces dopamine, a neurotransmitter responsible for feelings of pleasure. Reciprocally, dopamine activates neural circuitry that makes you eager to pursue new challenges. Notice how you feel with this kind of committed determination and self-trust as your inner support.

Now, set that experience aside. And, this time — again in your imagination — lock into the experience of going along as usual. Imagine that for the next year and many years to come you will simply continue your work life as is. How do you feel? What are you thinking?

Which scenario do you prefer?

The fact is, once you set your intention, your determination in a specific direction, you start to notice options and choices that you never considered before. You begin to recall connections that can serve your current interests that you have otherwise forgotten.

Power Of Intention

You initiate behaviors that you may have previously considered too pushy or needy, and now they seem totally appropriate to what you are going after. Now, you begin connecting with people and opportunities that might never before have seemed relevant.

It is a new world that unfolds, taking you into a future you could not have predicted in detail, yet, you determined it would be yours. And, it can be.

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Now, It’s Up To You

What is the new world you desire so passionately that you will commit right now to making it happen?

Or, maybe you are not sure. But, you are willing to consider the possibility and determined to take action around that intention.

Either way, I look forward to hearing about your response to creating a self-assessment that revolves around intention and determination.

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What are your key goals, objectives and action plans for 2014?

Have a merry Christmas and I wish you every success for the New Year in 2014!


BTW, I published this article earlier in the week on the Indie Consultant Business Journal… under a different title.


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