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Storytelling – Passport to Business Success

Storytelling Leadership

 We are all storytellers – whether we are telling fact or fiction. Since we enjoy stories so much, we tend to see them as mere entertainment – pleasure for the sake of pleasure — rather than the basis upon which we decide what matters to us, and what action to take in our lives. Biologically-speaking, stories are entertaining for the ... Read More »

Do You Play To Win, or Play Not To Lose?

Play to Win

Most of you must have recently watched a lot of the Sochi Olympic games. Do you remember the radio and TV commentators often discussing: Do You Play To Win, or Play Not To Lose? When I first heard this statement with respect to a professional hockey team’s play, I stopped in my tracks. On the surface, it seems like the ... Read More »

Are You Empowering Your Chain of Command To Lead?

Chain of Command

Wish The Leaders Would Step Up And Take More Ownership Of Your Team? One of the themes I hear from middle management is that they are hesitant to lead because they are unsure if they have permission to do so. Sure this reason may be a cop out for some but there are still many who hesitate to lead because ... Read More »

Turnaround Strategies for Rescuing Businesses in Despair

Business turnaround

Here is an abbreviated article to coordinate with the upcoming radio show: (to be broadcast on Saturday, March 08, 2014 at 8 PM Chicago Time. For full details, please tune in to the Radio show LIVE or access the archives on our website) http://quantumphysicsofbeliefs.com/20140308-tbd/ Where a business is facing financial distress or insolvency, we may be able to help save ... Read More »

Should We Daydream, Visualize or Believe?


What’s the Difference between Visualization and Day Dreaming? Creative visualization involves the fashioning of an image in the conscious mind and the charging (and constant recharging) of that image by the enormous psychic energy of the unconscious. Visualization is very different from day dreaming in that Visualization is done in the first person and the present tense – as if ... Read More »

Leadership – Facilitating a Transformation

Transformational Leadership

During our Round Table discussion last Saturday, on the Challenges and Trends in Leadership for 2014 and Beyond, we covered a lot of ground but, also skipped a lot of details as we found ourselves short of time. So, I am furnishing here some additional details that I thought would be beneficial to our audiences. To be a leader and ... Read More »

Olympics of Business

Olympics of Business

  While we are in the midst of an Olympic fervor with the Winter games in Sochi, I thought, an athlete’s journey in many ways is a metaphor for the hurdles faced by the average business executive / owner. The Olympic Games are universally associated with champions, as well as commitment and peak performance. These are the very same characteristics ... Read More »

Privacy Policy


At ExecutiveCoachingChicago.com, our clients are our most valuable asset. We recognize that building a long-term business relationship with you depends upon a great deal of trust. This trust begins with our commitment to respecting as well as protecting your privacy. We have structured our web site so that, in general, you can visit ExecutiveCoachingChicago.com on the Web without identifying yourself ... Read More »