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Overcoming Poor People-Skills

poor people-skills

LtEQ (Leadership thru Emotional Intelligence) Originally posted on my Facebook page in 5 parts. There is a familiar saying among professionals that goes like this… I was hired for my great technical skills, but I was fired for my poor people skills… and I can tell you first hand – both through my own professional experience, as well as my observations as ... Read More »

Time to Reinvent Yourself


Time to Reinvent Yourself Most of us have a history of reinventing ourselves in different roles. Among the many we have held: child, sibling, parent, aunt/uncle, friend, spouse, student, volunteer, employee and employer, etc. Yet, as we keep ourselves busy in this incredible variety of roles, we can find ourselves awakening and wondering how the heck we got where we ... Read More »

Leadership Challenges


Important Insights into Rising to the Challenge of Leadership in 21st Century Leadership seems easy – until it gets hard. It is a struggle. As executive coaches, we see this struggle played out all too often as smart, caring, well-intentioned executives strain furiously to keep up with the world around them. It is a world that insists that leaders – ... Read More »

Why You Need an Executive Coach But Won’t Admit It?


Why Wouldn’t You Want an Executive / Business Coach? “Having a coach who can develop insights for you, to help you think through things is so, so helpful.” You are a founder who is juggling a million priorities and tasks — from product to people to vision. There is so much going on and so much to do that you ... Read More »

Happy Holidays – Happy New Year 2015!

2015 New Year

Wishing you A Happy Holiday Season and A Prosperous New Year From our family to yours, Warm Wishes for a wonderful Holiday Season and a very Happy New Year! I thank everyone this year for giving me a chance to help you and your business find success. Anything is possible when you are clear on what you want. If you ... Read More »

Thinking in Visuals


A strategy needs a vision, and the first ingredient is imagination. A mental picture of a desired future situation motivates people much more than does a carefully worded vision statement. If people can “see” what they are trying to achieve, it brings the vision alive for them. Imagination (sometimes called “the mind’s eye”) is “the ability to form images and ... Read More »

2014 is Half Over

Start 2014

Half the year has gone. Are you glad, sad, or mad? For some of us this means our financial year has ended too, and we know how well we have gone in that aspect of our business. Perhaps I should rephrase that for some. You won’t know your actual financial result for some time yet! How are you feeling? Excited ... Read More »

Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence


Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence How has Self-Awareness helped you become a more Effective Leader? When Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. presented his dream, he chose language that would stir the hearts of his audience. Delivering the electrifying, “I have a Dream…” message required emotional intelligence (EQ) — the ability to recognize, understand, and manage emotions. Since self-awareness is the ... Read More »

Storytelling – Passport to Business Success

Storytelling Leadership

 We are all storytellers – whether we are telling fact or fiction. Since we enjoy stories so much, we tend to see them as mere entertainment – pleasure for the sake of pleasure — rather than the basis upon which we decide what matters to us, and what action to take in our lives. Biologically-speaking, stories are entertaining for the ... Read More »

Do You Play To Win, or Play Not To Lose?

Play to Win

Most of you must have recently watched a lot of the Sochi Olympic games. Do you remember the radio and TV commentators often discussing: Do You Play To Win, or Play Not To Lose? When I first heard this statement with respect to a professional hockey team’s play, I stopped in my tracks. On the surface, it seems like the ... Read More »