Should We Daydream, Visualize or Believe?

Should We Daydream, Visualize or Believe?

Visualization is such a fun concept and can be combined with all other concepts you use.

What’s the Difference between Visualization and Day Dreaming?

Creative visualization involves the fashioning of an image in the conscious mind and the charging (and constant recharging) of that image by the enormous psychic energy of the unconscious.

Visualization is very different from day dreaming in that Visualization is done in the first person and the present tense – as if the visualized scene were unfolding all around you.

Whereas normal daydreaming is done in the third person and the future tense – as if the “you” of the daydream is a puppet with the real “you” watching from afar; like watching a movie – where you are not the Hero.

To put it very simply, when you daydream, you follow your thoughts anywhere they wander – when you visualize, you let your thoughts follow you anywhere you decide.

What is Visualization?

In the simplest of terms, visualization is using your imagination. You form a mental image of the result of all of your efforts, and use that image to fuel your workdays. For example, if your goal were to hit the gym more frequently, you’d imagine yourself looking thinner, stronger and healthier. If your goal involved making more money, you’d imagine yourself investing in savings or paying off old loans with your extra income. It’s healthy to use your imagination, as long as you are using it effectively instead of destructively.


There is a big difference between active, healthy visualization and daydreaming. Daydreaming is imagining all the good things that you wish would happen for you. Visualizing is imagining all the good things you are prepared to go out and do for yourself. When you visualize a goal, you are not just leaving it to sit in your mind—you are planning on going out and making that concept a reality. It sounds tricky, but it’s actually an easy and fun tactic to implement in your daily life.

What’s the Point?

Visualizing a goal helps your brain build a realistic idea of what will happen when that goal is achieved. It takes an ethereal concept and transforms it into an achievable reality. When you take time to visualize, you are not just wishing and hoping for things that will never come, but training your brain to push you towards actions that help you find success.

Visualizing alone won’t make your dreams come true, nor will it magically thrust you forward along your wished forward trajectory. However, it can provide vital motivation for actually sitting down and getting the hard stuff done—the area in which most people fall flat. The truth of the matter is that almost any goal is achievable, but only if you can stay motivated and keep at it.

How to Use Visualization

As noted above, it’s not enough to rest on your laurels and imagine yourself successful. You have to take action. Here’s a quick visualization exercise that can help you get motivated, and stay motivated:

Imagine the final results of your concerted hard work. Your new body, your bigger bank account, your stronger resume. The specific goal doesn’t matter, as long as it’s important to you.

Form a mental image of every tiny detail of your successful goal. Don’t just imagine how you’ll look in a swimsuit—think about how easy clothes shopping will be, or the long-term health benefits of losing weight. Think about the specific ways in which you’ll spend your newfound income. Specificity is key in effective visualization.

Write it down and check it for measurability. Goals must be measurable in order to function correctly. For instance, “I will be more fit” is a very vague goal when compared to “I will lose ten pounds in the next two months.” The first goal is abstract, the second is measurable and achievable.

Write the goal in clear, present tense, positive language. “I wish I had more endurance” isn’t a goal—“I am going to add five miles to my running distance by next fall” is. Be sure of yourself, and let that shine through in your visualized goal.

With your goals on paper, you’ll be much more likely to see them through to completion. From there, you’ll want to engage in daily visualization exercises to help keep your motivation level high. Each new workday, take a long look at your list of goals and spend about two minutes visualizing what will happen when you reach them. Remember to be specific! Imagine every detail of your goals coming to fruition.

Visualization is just one tool in your success war chest. It’s designed to be used in conjunction with smart goal-setting, a positive attitude and a willingness to suffer through tough days and celebrate good ones. When used correctly, visualization can be a powerful element of your eventual success. Learn it, use it, trust it and follow through—you’ll be surprised what you can accomplish.

Manifesting Your Desires

Here are the 3 basic steps of reality creation.

  • Step 1 - You ask for it
  • Step 2 - The Universe responds to your asking and creates the thing you asked for
  • Step 3 - You receive (“allow”) it in your reality

Nothing too difficult to understand so far, I hope? :)

Now, here’s where all the confusion comes from…

People get Step 1 and Step 3 mixed up!

This happens because both Step 1 and Step 2 happen automatically (and you cannot stop them happening no matter how hard you try) but you have many options about what you do about Step 3 and one of the options is to do nothing at all! … which I’ll explain below.

Metaphysically speaking, Step 1 and Step 2 are the reasons why you are living your life on this physical plane (the Universe expands because of this Step 1 to Step 2 process) but Step 3 is how You on the physical level experience joy as a by-product of living that higher life purpose.

You could say that Step 3 is what you give to yourself as a gift for being physically alive.

Let’s make all this a bit more concrete since talking in abstract terms can send people to sleep. :)

Let’s say I am walking down the street and I see a red sports car. And in that moment, I feel a sudden surge within myself of “I want one of those!”


In that brief moment of wanting, Step 1 – “Asking” has happened.

Notice that you didn’t have to sit down at the side of the street meditating in the lotus position for 15 minutes, or anything like that, in order to Ask. It just happened in that split-second of the desire being launched.

Step 1 is now complete - even though it seems like you did nothing at all :)

Now for Step 2

The interesting thing about Step 2 – “The Universe responds” is that it happens in exactly the same moment as Step 1.

So, the universe has created your red sports car in the moment that you wanted it.

Step 2 is now complete - even though, again, it seems like you have still done nothing at all :)

But where is the red sports car?

Well, at this stage, it exists in a vibrational reality that is out of range of the one you are currently living in.

Your work now (if you want the car in your vibrational reality as a physical thing) is to align with the vibrational reality in which that sports car is now existing.

This is what Step 3 is about – and this step is up to you

So, how do you know where that vibrational reality is that you need to align with?

Well, the inner part of you is already there living in it. It moved into that reality during Step 1Step 1 was actually the divergence of the inner part of you from the physical part of you caused by this new desire.

So, all that the physical part of you now has to do is follow the signals from that inner part of you (that is living with the red sports car) until the physical part of you gets there too… and that’s when the red sports car will manifest into your physical reality.

So, what are these signals that the inner part of you is offering?

Well, they are called emotions.


The more positive the emotion as you focus upon the red sports car, the more the inner part of you is signaling that you are heading in the right direction towards that vibrational reality of the red sports car.

The more negative the emotion when you focus upon the red sports car, the more the inner part of you is signaling that you are heading in the wrong direction.

The strength of the emotion indicates how quickly you are moving towards or away from that vibrational reality of the sports car.

This might all sound a bit mind-bending, I know. But, if you can truly understand this, you basically know everything you need to know about reality creation. :)

So let’s draw some interesting (and perhaps surprising) conclusions from what has been explained above…

A couple of conclusions
Conclusion 1:

If you want something and you do nothing whatsoever to get it apart from finding ways to keep yourself happy, you will get it

  • This is because Step 1 and Step 2 have happened automatically. And you keeping yourself happy automatically aligns the physical you with the inner you that is already living with all the things you want.
  • Furthermore, instead of just aiming for general happiness, you can also get a bit more specific about the actual thing you are interested in and just desire it.
  • That desire is also an indicator of alignment of the physical you with the inner you on that particular subject.

Conclusion 2:

If you want something and you imagine it, visualize it and believe in it, then  you will get it… and probably more quickly than just being generally happy about your life

  • Again, this is because Step 1 and Step 2 have automatically happened. But now your deliberate imagining, visualizing and believing is bringing you more quickly into alignment (on this subject) with the inner you that is already living with what you want. This is where people get confused. They think that the imagining, visualizing and believing is creating what they want or asking for what they want… it is NOT! It is only helping them align with what they want.

Can you see now that there is actually no contradiction between desiring something and imagining, visualizing and believing it?

FAIL to Visualize the Finish Line

There is no contradiction because neither activity is actually creating the thing or asking for the thing… that has already happened in Step 1 – “Asking” and Step 2 – Universe creating it… these activities that you are now doing are only Step 3 – “Allowing”.

I hope that clarifies things a bit and that I haven’t managed to confuse you even further :)

If anything is not clear, please feel free to ask.


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