Career Coaching


Career Coaching thru Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Dr. Surya Ganduri

My passion is in helping others succeed. I can assist you in person (with certain limitations), by phone, or online with assessments and career coaching in one or more of the following areas:

  • Online assessments: Strengths based Leadership, Multidimensional Psychometric Personality profiles (AI, DISC, VALUES, Advance Insights), Emotional Intelligence and more
  • Career coaching: career exploration, career development.
  • Coaching for Strategic Career Advancement
  • Executive Coaching for Leadership Development
  • Emotional Intelligence Skill Training and Coaching
  • Coaching for Self-Awareness and Personal Development

I also enjoy speaking to groups and organizations about leadership, project management, and emotional intelligence, or other performance related topics. If interested, please contact me (below).

Take a Quantum Leap to a Better Life | Empowering Success in an Evolving World!

Mentors Digest ~ Overcoming Obstacles – 50 inspiring stories on How to Move Beyond: addictions, health limitations, death of loved ones, ending relationships, bankruptcy, losing reputation, and it goes on.  I am one of those 50 inspiring stories!

First Step

If you are interested in finding out more about how coaching might benefit you and to discuss in more detail the process, prices, and availability, please contact us (below).

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